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Praveen Sunkari
2 min readJan 13, 2022


Mobile App

My Process

Discover — I always start by asking what problem are we solving and why are we solving it now, trying to discover the core problem.

strategize — Laying out different solutions for the key problem and picking the one which suits the audience.

Design — Combining both solution and aesthetics, to provide unique meaningful experiences.

Behind the design

Objective — This is a project for the Cal Arts course, I was asked to do wireframes for a concept of keeping college energetic while they do stuff that matters.

RedBull Design Process — This wasn’t that of a complicated design, I designed some wireframes and added some transitions for fun.

Aftermath — What I learnt after designing this app was, you no need to stress too much design style it always changes rather focus on the usability and experience.

Let’s do something meaningful, together.

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I’m Praveen and that was my work, I try to be happy and do the things I can at every dawn but hey, you know how it goes by the sun’s down.

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