A much-awaited WhatsApp update — UX Design

WhatsApp Redesigned

It was 2012 Summer my mom got a new phone; I was around 13, while I was fumbling around with the features and apps of that new phone. I found this green colored app named WhatsApp.

I saw my crush pic when I pressed the chat button; I sent a text to her; at first, seeing those tick marks I got confused but felt happy knowing it meant that she read my message and I was excited to see the typing… dots with the anticipation of reply text from her.

Same old — Plain, boring, nothing new.

Now 8 years later in 2020, that green-colored app didn’t even change a bit it’s plain old look, no new features, and no magical experiences.8 years ago whenever I open WhatsApp I used to feel excited seeing the interface now I feel like, uh how can I explain this?

Applications are like relationships, first, you see (design and its usage), then you would like to get to know him/her (download) then you spend some time with them to know if they are your type (serve your needs) and the extras how they make you feel unique, happy,etc.. (user experience) and then you may want to marry and have cute little kids (generate your/user content) and if at some point your significant other looses that magic of making you feel something and you’re not happy with what you have. You want to take a divorce, but you can’t because of your kids (user content/your data).

WhatsApp is in that stage where you want to take divorce, but you can’t because of kids (data), all of your friends are there and it’s difficult to move all your friends to a new platform.

But with some touches, we can rekindle the love between users and WhatsApp, and those touches are this WhatsApp update (redesign).


There are times where you don’t want to receive any calls or messages from WhatsApp and let the user know you are busy. Like when you’re at a meeting or a date.

Take Breaks

This busy mode will help you do just that. When you turn on the busy mode, your friends will know that you’re busy and you won’t receive any texts or calls.


Share Memories

People want to share memories not set a status to their profile and this set status feels like a dumb copied feature in WhatsApp but share memories can make people feel like they are sharing something personal and that’s what design should do.


If you are in any WhatsApp group, you know that you have a lot of unread messages in minutes from your group and there’s no way to filter what’s important and reading all the messages will be a waste of time.

Set Flags

By setting flags to your important messages, they will stick at top of the group messages until everyone reads it.

She’s online but,

Check status

With the online feature on the messages page now you can see who’s online or busy, but here’s the catch, you can see the people’s status only after exchanging a few texts with them.

My Process

Discover — I always start by asking what problem are we solving and why are we solving it now, trying to discover the core problem.

strategize — Laying out different solutions for the key problem and picking the one which suits the audience.

Design — Combining both solution and aesthetics, to provide unique meaningful experiences.

Behind the design

Objective — This is a personal project, I designed it just cause how boring the WhatsApp looks and feels nowadays, I wanted to make it exciting again.

WhatsApp Design Process — First are always special and this is my first official prototype design as I much as I hate to admit it, this design doesn’t look great.

I just designed the features which I thought I would like then in 2020 March august, looked at various other messaging platforms took inspiration from them and designed this.

Aftermath — I learnt that everything should be coherent, and too many design elements which aren’t uniform distract the user easily.

Let’s do something meaningful, together.

Contact me at — praveensunkari@outlook.com

I’m Praveen and that was my work, I try to be happy and do the things I can at every dawn but hey, you know how it goes by the sun’s down.

WhatsApp limitations

WhatsApp has some design principles, like

The interface should feel native to the device, and many others. Which translates the design principle to be just functional and not engaging and curating new experiences for users, and I think that should change for better.

Adios Amigo, more like hey, I don’t know Spanish, obviously



UX Designer, I design Simple and seductive solutions.

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Praveen Sunkari

Praveen Sunkari

UX Designer, I design Simple and seductive solutions.